Ministry Description and Specifics (duties include, but are not limited to)


  • Operate Cameras, Video Switchers, PTZ Cameras, Motion Graphics during services

Live Production

  • Display Slides, Videos and Music before and during worship experiences.
    • Arrange service elements. (songs, videos & teaching slides)
    • Configure Song arrangement in Propresenter. (Verse, Chorus, Bridge...) Program out Repeats of verses, etc.
    • Spell check, check for Capitalization
    • Maintain clock synchronization between the North and South Venues

Sound & Lighting

  • Sound check and Mix audio for speakers and worship team during practices and regular Sunday services.
    • Maintain sound equipment. (Cables, audio speakers, microphones)
    • Configure stage light scenes
    • Attention to detail in sound production
    • Check and replace batteries for wireless sound equipment.

Web Development

  • Maintain and Develop the church website, to include keeping events posted, teaching archives up to date, and adding new features and content as needed.

Social Media

  • To publish, post and share Teachings, Monuments, Events & Announcements on social media platforms.