Awaken Students Leadership Vision:

As a Leader in Awaken Students, we believe the Students who come to Awaken Students are arrows in the hands of a warrior (Psalm 127:4). When a parent entrusts their child to us, we desire to come alongside the parents and help sharpen their Arrows to help prepare them for the world after high school. We do this be leading a life that honors Christ and sets an example for those watching.

Awaken Students Vision:

Serve. Grow. Lead.

First and foremost - we serve God. We were created to serve Him and each other. As we serve in different ministries, we strive to learn and grow in the Word of God and learn as much as we can. Serving and growing in Christ naturally brings us to the next step: leading. We lead each other and those younger than us. We are called to be the light of the world and is is by using our light that we are able to serve, grown, and lead.

Leadership Process

Step 1: Application

Fill out and submit this Leadership Application.

Step 2: Meet with Awaken Students Team Leaders

After prayerfully reviewing your application, we will proceed with setting up a time to meet with you and discuss your future with Awaken Students.

Step 3: Introduction

Application Process

Because of the high value we place on those in leadership in Awaken Students, we want to make certain that:

  1. Leaders are currently living a biblical, Christian lifestyle.
  2. Leaders work well with students in 6th - 12th grades and have the ability to encourage students to grow in their faith.

This application will help us address any issues or concerns prior to serving in Awaken Students. Know that each application is prayerfully considered, no matter what the answer to your questions are. Thank you for your understanding and willingness in this process!

Once you are approved to serve as an Awaken Students Leader, we will introduce you to the Students and get you plugged in to ministry.

If you have any questions about this process, please call or email us with any questions!  

Adam & Jacqueline Powers
Awaken Students Ministry Leaders
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