Ministry Description and Specifics (duties include, but are not limited to)

>Be ready to open and hold doors for people entering the foyers and sanctuaries
>You do not need to only stand by a door however, feel free to roam around the foyer area
>Be a welcoming presence in the foyer of each venue. We want people to feel welcomed and loved the minute they step into either venue
>Don’t only talk to or hang out with people you are comfortable with
>Work hard at talking to new people, people you don’t normally talk with, and those who are not connected with others yet
>Talking with other Social Specialists is ok, but do not let those conversations distract from who you are there to converse with: the rest of the church!
>No one should be able to make it into either venue without first being welcomed by a Connection Specialist
>Table and chairs and tent need to be set up and taken down each week
>Make sure chairs are straightened, trash picked up and any handouts are ready before service begins
>Make sure each row of chairs and each giving box is stocked with giving envelopes, prayer cards and pens
>Help people find a seat (this is particularly important once the venue is filling up and services begin)
>Make sure that all supplies and Team badges are stored and organized before leaving
>Be available after service to talk with people and tell them thanks for coming
>Strike up conversation with people who are in the foyer