Groups Discussion Starters

Week 5 /  The People vs. Jesus Christ


1) Jesus faced three separate trials (Jews, Romans, and Galilean) prior to the final judgment of crucifixion. Do you believe that Jesus is still on trial today? How?
2) Do you believe that Christians are constantly being judged today based on their faith? Good or bad, how do believers give reason to be judged? 
3) Why is envy so dangerous and how can we guard ourselves from not giving into envy?
4) Have you ever been wrongly judged (whether at work or with family and friends) as a result of your faith? How did you overcome?
5) Pilate found no guilt in Jesus, however, he agreed to crucifixion based on what the crowd was demanding. How have other people's voices spoken louder to you than the truth of God's Word?

Week 4 / Dark Night Of The Soul


1) Have you ever faced things in your life that felt impossible to get through and God got you through them? Describe what happened. 

2) How can we keep from distancing ourselves from Jesus?

3) What is the impact of lying in our lives and why should we avoid lying? 

4) We constantly experienced judgment in our culture. Jesus was judged incorrectly which lead him to the cross. Is there judgment that is ok? Why or why not? What does the bible say about judgment? 

5) Have you ever been in darkness and experienced God working in your life despite the darkness? How did God's intervention change the situation and effect you?


Week 3 / Don't Bring a Sword To A Prayer Fight

1) When the battles come, what can we implement in our lives so we chose to pray instead of depending on our physical means?

2) Have you experienced how fighting with prayer makes a difference in your life? Describe a situation where you have experienced it. 

3) How do we battle the pride in our lives so we can depend more on God? 

4) Describe how God has used hardship, pain or struggle in your life to be a blessing to others. 

5) How do we prepare for the spiritual battles to come in our lives? 


Week 2 / Blood, Sweat, and Tears

1) What is the importance of having a healthy fear of sin & temptation?

2) What are habits we can implement in our lives to prevent us from being tempted by sin? 
3) What areas of life do you think people have the hardest time surrendering control to Jesus? 
4) Have you experienced God's strength in the midst of a trail or struggle? Describe your experience. 
5) How different would our lives look if we spent more time in prayer like when Jesus prayed in the Garden?

 Week 1 / A Stabbing At Supper

1) John 13 reviews the last supper. What stands out most to you about that story?

2) No matter what we do God will always love us, forgive us and save a seat for us! Sometimes it can be hard to accept that grace and forgiveness. Have you struggled with self condemnation or beating yourself up over something that God has already forgiven? How has that affected your life?

3) While the disciples spent years with Judas nobody knew the real him. Sometimes it’s easier to go through life without letting people know the real us. Discuss reasons why it is so easy to stay isolated, even as Christians. 

4) Pastor Kevin talked about how Jesus served the disciples by doing the “dirty work” of washing the disciples feet. What are some ways you can serve those in your life by doing the “dirty work”?

5) What is hindering you form serving those around you more?