Groups Discussion Starters

Week 13 / Where Are You?

1) How can a believer overcome the shame of their guilt/sin after repentance?

2) Describe the different ways that believers distance themselves from God after sin. How can a believer begin to close that distance and return to God’s presence?

3) What are some fears that believers constantly live with? Discuss different biblical truths that combat those fears.

4) How does knowing that God meets you in the middle of your mess change your response toward Him? What stops believers from giving God their ultimate attention?

5) After 13 weeks of meeting together with your groups, where are you?

Week 12 / Till Death Do Us Part

1) How does knowing that “love isn’t a feeling that fades; it’s a decision that endures” change the perspective of all of your relationships?

2) Discuss what a healthy level of jealousy is within a marriage. How do you know you’ve gone too far?

3) What steps can be taken to move a relationship from one that is fueled by lust to one that is fueled by God’s unquenchable love?

4) How can we as a community rally together to take a vested interest in the purity of those God has placed in our lives?

5) Discuss what purity looks like in every season of life (single, married, divorce, widowed).

Week 11 / Friends With Benefits


1) How do marriages end up on cruise control? What are steps that spouses can take to protect themselves from getting to that point?

2) Discuss the different ways you courted your spouse during the dating phase. Did any of those things stop when you got married? What are some methods that you can bring back into your marriage?

3) What does prioritizing your marriage look like?

4) How can parents be the example of a healthy sexuality within their homes?

5) How can the church community encourage each other in holding the bar high for purity and honor?

Week 10 / Make Love (Work)


1) Why should you choose reconciliation over retaliation within a relationship? 

2) What is the importance of your word choice when you disagree with your spouse or anyone? 

3) Why should emotional connection come before physical connection in a marriage? 

4) Have you experienced wounds in a relationship? If so has God ever used those wounds to be a blessing to others? 

5) Why does Satan want to destroy the picture of marriage? 

Week 9 / When the Honeymoon Wears Off

1) What can couples do to keep their marriage alive after the honeymoon phase?
2) What are ways that spouses can protect themselves from Satan's attack on marital relationships?
3) Why should you forgive despite the other person not earning it? What does the story of the Gospel teach us about forgiveness?
4) How is division the enemy within marriages? How should knowing this change the way spouses argue?
5) Why should you be careful who you council with, especially when you're in discourse with your spouse? Discuss the dangers that we must be aware of.

Week 8 / Best. Sex. Ever.

1) Why is intimacy more important than just sex? How do the two correlate?
2) Why should spouses make their spouse the standard for other men and women? Discuss the dangers that can occur if this is not done.
3) What boundaries can be put in place for people to keep their gardens locked for their future spouse?
4) Read Song of Solomon 5:1. What does the last sentence tell you about God's desire for sex within a marriage? How can that change the mindset of sex being taboo to a more valuable stance?
5) What will it do to your marriage if you invite God into your bedroom? Discuss ways that married couples can include God in their sex lives.

Week 7 / In Your Dreams!

1) Have you ever compared yourself (relationship, life, etc.) with others? What are the dangers of doing that?
2) How does knowing your value in Christ change your standards of raising the bar and keeping it high?
3) Describe the difference between a marriage commitment that is 50/50 and 100/100. What does a marriage that is 100/100 committed look like?
4) Other than financial, discuss different ways that both spouses in a marriage can provide protection and provision toward each other. How does God provide protection and provision to you?
5) What are some comforts that people have to or should leave in order to to find a deeper relationship with Jesus?

 Week 6 / Flowers & Foxes

1) Discuss ways that you can invest in the different relationships in your life?
2) How does it look to have the man lead in the relationship?
3) Describe the difference between cleaning up a problem and preventing it. Do you have any experience of this in your life?
4) Discuss what it looks like to enter into conflict resolution as opposed to winning the argument.
5) Why is it important to make sure your vertical relationship (with God) is right before working on your horizontal relationships (spouse, significant others, friends) in your life?

Week 5 / Swiss Army Knife For The Soul

1) If you had a spiritual Swiss Army knife, name a few things (bible verses or tangible items) you would equip in it?
2) Discuss the different ways that we are exposed and vulnerable without God's Word. How can you find protection in God's Word?
3) What is a malnourished Christian? How can they begin to correct that?
4) How can parents be more intentional with training their children in the ways of the Lord?
5) Discuss different ways that you can be more intentional with getting into God's Word.

Week 4 / P.D.A.

1) How can a dating or marriage relationship be different when Jesus is at the center of it? 

2) How do you build a strong foundation of communication in a dating or marriage relationship? 

3) What is the value of encouraging your spouse and others around you? 

4) How do you avoid the break down of communication in a relationship? 

5) How can you avoid stirring up or awakening love before it is time? What value comes from doing this? 

Week 3 / Drink Responsibly

1) What is the value of having a Godly reputation?

2) What are the benefits of being able to openly talk about your relatinoship with God to your spouse? 

3) What are the dangers of focusing on the outside (appearance) more than what is on the inside (someone's heart for the Lord) when trying to develop a relationship? 

4) What is the difference between love and lust? How can you prevent yourself from falling into lust? 

5) What is the impact to others around you if you demonstrate Godly boundaries in dating and a Godly marriage?

Week 2 / Naked at Church

1) Why is it important to flee from sexual immorality?
2) What wounds occur from sexual sin?
3) According to 1 Corinthians 6:18-20, "you are not your own." How does that change your thought process when it comes to our own desires? 
4) The bible states you were "...purchased for a purpose.", have you thought about God's unique purpose for your life? Discuss your purpose or how you would go about discovering it? 
5) How does it change the interaction in your relationships, if you make God's glory your goal? 

Week 1 / Don't Be A Bonsai


1) The message explained that environments determine destinies. How does being planted in a church affect your destiny?
2) A bonsai does not grow tall because it's roots are bound in a small pot. Discuss ways in which a believer can begin to expand their roots and commit to grow deep roots?
3) If your church was a reflection of your spirit, how would it look?
4) What value can you add to the orchard (your church family)?
5) Bonsai trees need to constantly be pruned in order to for it to grow. What needs to be pruned in your life in order for you to be fully planted in your church?