WEBSITES: Links to global disciple-making ministries and resource databases


AUDIO & VIDEO: Short, helpful instruction on discipleship.




DOCUMENTS: Some of the most helpful disciple-making tools and literature we have on hand.

Awaken D-Groups Intro Packet (Lowdown, D-Group DNA, Covenant, Sample HEAR Journal)
The Discipleship “Wheel of Maturity”
from Relational Discipleship Network (RDN)
The States of Christian Maturity from RDN
F260 Bible Reading Plan
12 Practical Discipleship Ideas for Women
Cracking the Code on Woman-to-Woman Discipleship
“The State of Discipleship in America”
Barna Research
Discipleship Resources from the Navigators
Prayer Resources from the Navigators
Evangelism Resources from the Navigators
Greg Laurie on Discipleship
John Piper on Discipleship’s
“10 Discipleship Affirmations”
7 Do’s and Don’t on Discipling Singles by 9Marks Ministries


There is no one correct Bible reading plan to lead your D-Group, as long as all participants are reading the same content, which is foundationally based in Scripture.  That said, here are some time-tested plans that are freely available here and on YouVersion Bible App.

F-260 Bible Reading Plancovers the metanarrative of scripture in 5 weekly readings (with weekends off) to be read over the course of 12 months. Also on YouVersion.

E-100 Bible Reading Plan Even more streamlined version of F-260 (100 total readings). Great for brand new believers.

Bible Plans available online and on YouVersion

The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan
M’Cheyne 1-year Bible Reading Plan
OWNit365 Whole Bible Plan
ESV Study Bible 1-year Reading Plan


ADDITIONAL READING: Apart from the Bible, recommended literature on discipleship 

Free eBooks through


Books for Purchase

Growing Up by Robby Gallaty
If you could only read one book on this list, this is it

Rediscovering Discipleship by Robby Gallaty
Discipling by Mark Dever
4 Chair Discipling by Dann Spader
The Disciple Maker’s Handbook by Bobby Harrington and Josh Patrick
Conversion and Discipleship; The Complete Book of Discipleship; The Disciple-Making Church; The Disciple-Making
; Jesus Christ: Disciple-maker all by Bill Hull

The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Personal Disciplemaking by Christopher B. Adsit
The Master’s Plan for Making Disciples by William and Charles Arn
Growing True Disciples by George Barna
The Lost Art of Disciple-Making by Leroy Eims
Transformational Discipleship by Eric Geiger, Michael Kelley, and Philip Nation
What is the Gospel? By Greg Gilbert
Christian Beliefs by Wayne Grudem
Organic Disciplemaking by Dennis McCallum and Jessica Lowery
Discipleship Essentials; Transforming Discipleship: Making a Few Disciples at a Time by Greg Ogden.
Lifestyle Discipleship by Jim Peterson
Follow Me by David Platt
Discipleshift by Jim Putnam, Bobby Harrington, and Robert Coleman
Real Life Discipleship by Jim Putnam
The Invested Life by Joel Rosenberg and Dr. T.E. Koshy
The Great Omission by Dallas Willard