Awaken Church exists to awaken people far from Christ to new life in Christ. 

If Jesus hasn’t returned and our lungs still have breath in them, we refuse to sit back, slow down, or give up. We will keep going until every person has heard about Jesus.
As we reach out to people with the Gospel, we will buy new buildings, renovate current
buildings, start campuses, and plant churches. 
In other words, WE NEVER STOP. 


Enlarging our Kids Central classrooms and our main bathrooms

We are in this together. Here are some ways you can join us…


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God’s direction
This is God’s Church and we only want to go where He wants us to go. Pray that God would clarify the steps we are to take as a church, and that we would have the boldness and faith to walk in obedience.
God’s provision
When God calls us to it, He equips us for it. Pray that God will move the hearts of people and organizations to give generously as we seek to expand the Church in our quest to reach people with the Gospel.


Resources are required to reach people. Together We Build resources are set aside for future building and expansion. You can give one time or setup recurring giving.
Text “build” and any amount to 931-444-5143 to give toward the future of Awaken Church (example: 100 build)