Our focus is to awaken people far from Christ to new life in Christ.

We have a code at awaken that defines how we do this.


HUGE vision. Simple focus.

We do a few things, and we aim to do them well.
We channel all of our resources into lifting up the name of Jesus, growing with others into new life,
and reaching out to those far from Christ.

We share the weight and the rewards.

We give our time, talents, and energy to further the Gospel, while corporately shouldering the weight of ministry.
We believe deeply in the value of a team and invest in our teams and team members accordingly.

God’s Word defines us.

Awaken Church is founded on, shaped by, and focused on the exposition of God’s Word.
We believe God’s Word is alive and active and will preach it as such, regardless of whom it offends.

The Gospel is worth the risk.

We never want to be able to explain the success of an event, outreach, or worship experience.
As God leads, we will act in such fearless faith and take such big risks that the end result is undeniably God.

Monuments drive the movement.

We intentionally take time to remember and celebrate God’s faithfulness.
Our past victories are vital for future success, and being used by God is a privilege and honor
that we will never take for granted.

The battle is super and natural.

God has promised the victory, but that doesn’t negate our responsibility.
We will do everything we can within our natural ability and trust God for the supernatural.

Souls are the best way to invest.

It is a privilege to partner with God in His endeavor to reach people,
and we invest our resources and finances to do so. As God leads,
we will be conscious of our limitations, but confident of His provision.

We use what’s in our hands.

We refuse to allow a perceived lack of resources to hinder our effectiveness.
We thank God for what He provides as well as for what He doesn’t,
recognizing that our limitations inspire creative solutions.

We re-gift our gifts.

Our gifts, talents, abilities, and finances were not given to us to stockpile for ourselves,
but so we could re-gift them to others. We set the example to the world
by using our gifts to benefit others and glorify God.

We can’t please everybody.

We encourage input, but our main objective is reaching people with the Gospel.
We unite behind the pastoral vision, structure, and leadership set forth by God’s Word,
regardless of negative criticism.

We use every platform possible.

We will harness technology, trends, culture, and any other platform available
to preach the Gospel from. The methods are constantly changing, but the message never will.

We never stop.

If Jesus hasn’t returned and our lungs still have breath in them, we refuse to sit back,
slow down, or give up. We will keep going until every person has heard about Jesus.