Groups Discussion Starters


Week 13 / More Birthdays, Please!

1)  How are you wonderfully made? How can you give thanks to God for that?

2)  What things about yourself do you have difficulty accepting, even to the point of questioning your Creator?
3) What are some examples of God’s creation that point to him?

Is there someone in your life that you can help to see that they have purpose and are wonderfully made?

 It was so encouraging to see so many families dedicate their children across all services this past weekend. How can we as a church come alongside them to keep them accountable to raising their children in the Lord?

Week 12 / All We Do Is Win

1)  How can we actively seek to find God’s purpose and plan for our lives?

2)  Is there an area that God is calling you to serve in? Is there an area where God is calling you to step up your leadership in? What holds people back from stepping into that calling?
3)  How can serving minister to you when you are going through a tough season?

How can you determine when to prioritize serving and when to take a pause from serving?

  How are you going to continue to stay in community after this semester of Awaken Groups ends?

Week 11 / An Angry King and the King Of Kings

1)  Have you faced more opposition now as a believer than before? What is a result you’ve experienced from your obedience to God today?

2)  How would you describe spiritual warfare to a believer? To a nonbeliever?
3)  Have you ever experienced God’s angel army surrounding you? Recall a time when God intervened to protect you and share with the group.

How has God used your experience in the midst of opposition to help someone else?

  Can you think of someone in your life that needs community but is not reaching out? How can you encourage them to surround themselves with community so they are not alone when overwhelming times occur? 

Go around the room and have each person recite Psalms 3:5. Commit to memory the verse so that you can always remember and recall during the hard times of life.

Week 10 / Mo' Money, Mo' Problems


1)  Take a deep look at your spending. Are you trusting in God with your finances? If not, what are you putting your trust in based on your spending?

2)  How can you overcome worry with your finances?
3)  How does knowing your value to God change the way you worry? Discuss different bible verses that explains your value to God. (Psalms 139:13-16)

Generous people plan! Share how budgeting has changed your heart and finances. How does your family budget?

  Why is it hard to believe that we are stewards instead of owners of our earthly possessions? How does that change how you handle your finances?

Week 9 / Will God Come Through


1)  Is it wrong for a Christian to be depressed? Why or why not?

2)  How do we fight against the stigma of depression in the Christian community?
3)  How does God use barriers in our life to our advantage?

 How can you incorporate a “rhythm of rest” in your life?

Who in your life will stand with you? How have they helped you?

Week 8 
/ Release Regret


1)  How have you tried to hide and cover up your sins and regrets from people?

2)  What is hindering your progress to run the race that God has set before you?
3)  What is the difference between regret and shame? How does the enemy use both to keep the believer under the yoke of sin?

 Read Romans 8:28. How does that change your perspective regarding your regret?

5)  How can your biggest sin(s) glorify God?

                                                    Week 7
/ Faith Over Fear


1)  Reflect on the last storm you went through in your life. What did you learn about God in that storm? 

2)  What have you been crying out to Jesus about recently? What is a promise from God that you can stand on as you cry out to Him?
3) What accountability measures can you put into place to help keep your eyes fixed on Jesus?

Why do we hesitate to speak with God honestly and earnestly?

What do you have fear about right now? Work together in pairs to pray for one another about the fear. If possible, write down those fears on prayer request cards and swap with that person to pray about over the next week.

Week 6 / Just Build The Boat


1)  Is it possible to go through life and never experience any fears? Why or why not?
2)  Describe a time when you were faithful but still experienced pain.
3)  How did you continue to remain faithful through the pain?

What does it look like to have faith like Noah?

What steps are you taking to seek Godly advice from other believers? What is holding you back?

Week 5 / Canoes In The Parking Lot


1)  Can you share a time where you made it through a valley with Christ’s help?
2)  What has God brought you to that you are asking Him to bring you through? 
3)  Share how the enemy has attempted to distract you.

How has God taken your pain and turned it around for His purpose?

What are some monuments you can create to remember how faithful God has been to you? 

Week 4 / Willing vs. Wired


1)  What is the difference between "willing" and "wired"?
2)  Describe a time in your life when you didn't feel prepared for a task but God brought you through it.
3)  What is your purpose in this life? If you haven't been able to find that, what is it that you're willing to do, that you love to do, that you'll do for free on top of the things that you have to do? 

Do you feel like you are living in your purpose? What are you willing to step out of so that you can step into what God has called you to do?

What can you boast that God has done in your life?

Week 3 / Life-Altering Prayer


1)  What have you learned about God during your fast? In what ways do you feel more connected to Him?
2)  What does it mean to continue steadfastly in prayer? How can we maintain an ongoing prayer with God while simultaneously maintaining a busy schedule?
3)  What is something you have been praying for over a long length of time? How can your Awaken Group join you in this prayer?

What is the connection of fasting and prayer?

Go around your group and name three things that you are grateful for. 

Week 2 / (un)fasten


1)  What is the purpose of fasting?
2)  What is the difference between a full fast and a partial fast? What are some other ways that you can fast?
3)  What spiritual weapons do you use to spiritually battle during a fast?
4)  Discuss how to prepare yourself for a fast. What steps can you take to make sure you are successful at completing the fast you've selected? How will you push yourself during this fast? 

What are some areas in your life that you want God to change during this fast? How can your Awaken Group keep you accountable during this time of fasting (Thursday, Sept. 5 - Saturday, Sept. 14)?

Week 1 / Trade Good For Best


1) Why is it important for us to regularly engage in prayer and fasting? 
2) Why does God ask us to fast in secret? When shall I tell others that I am fasting and when do I keep it to myself?
3) Discuss your past experiences with fasting. How did you grow spiritually through that fast?
4) As you prepare to fast, what are some “good” items you can begin to reduce in your daily life?