Hey, I’m Richard, the lead of the photography team here at Awaken! First off, I’d like to thank you for your interest in the team! Our purpose is to paint a vivid picture of God’s work at Awaken through photos; from fellowship in the parking lot, all the way to the moment someone chooses to give their life to Jesus. We want to capture instances that show God’s great work and faithfulness, and how He is using Awaken for His will.

With that said; we want to do that in an interesting, cool, hip, and diverse way. We are always looking for new angles and perspective. If you have an artistic eye, a unique vision, but are most importantly, being called to serve on this team, then jump in!

What we will be offering to you as a team member!
> As much growth as you want! - Personally, I am always looking to improve as a photographer, and find that observing the work of others and talking with them about the craft has made me better. I am constantly consuming and learning, and would love to share that with you!
> Periodic fellowship events, both for fun and growth

> You must own your own gear and have an understanding of your camera. The ability to shoot in manual, and other advanced modes, in low light situations is very important.
> Can spend a service (8:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am) taking photos, in addition to the service you attend.
> Willingness to learn the basics of LightRoom and PhotoShop, if you aren’t already familiar.
> Spend a small amount of extra time to edit and upload photos on site.
> Please provide a link to some of your work that you feel showcases your ability, and who you are as a photographer!

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