Ministry Team Lead     
Kelly Galusha This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

Ministry Description and Specifics (duties include, but are not limited to):

>Must be available to attend a practice set the week of service to be granted permission to perform on Sunday (worship leader will set time and date)
>Must be able to learn approximate 4-5 songs every week of scheduled play (song selection made by worship leaders in advance)
>Must be able to attend and perform at all weekend services on weekend of scheduled play
>Must arrive early for practices and Sunday worship so that any instrument equipment can be set up and checked prior to start time of practice and/or service
>Must provide worship leader with at least a monthly availability schedule by the 15th of every prior month
>Must stay proficient at instrument or vocal part you were selected for
>Highly encouraged to attend all meetings set forth by the worship leaders
>May be subject to play at special events upon availability
>Must maintain a good stage presence (ie. Dress, cleanliness, etc.)
>Any member of the team wishing to perform on the team with a new instrument or vocal part must pass an go through another formal audition
>MUST maintain a close relationship with the Lord
   -If any member feels their relationship has become altered or weakened they can, without fear of reprisal, take themselves out of active status without losing their place on the team

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