Ministry Description and Specifics (duties include, but are not limited to):

>Have signs & cones set out and be in position no later than 30 minutes before service begins:
   -Set out cones in designated areas
   -Set out “Slow: Children Crossing” signs in designated areas
   -Set out sidewalk signs/banners in designated areas
>Wear safety vest at all times while on duty
>Be mindful of safety and traffic flow at all times
>Direct people in and out of the parking lot
>Fill up the front of the lot (nearest to the Awaken building) first
>Be cheerful, welcoming and energetic as people drive into the parking lot (remember: you’re the first face they will see when they pull in)
   -There is no need to be in a static position - please move around in your area and HAVE FUN!
>Direct Team Members who are attending both services to park in the back of the building (as long as space is available)
>After the last service has ended and the parking lot is mostly empty, make sure vests, cones, signs, banners, etc. are stored and in order in the Awaken storage