Ministry Team Lead     
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Ministry Teams

Broadcast - Team Lead // Daniel

> Operate Cameras, Video Switchers, PTZ Cameras, Motion Graphics and more during services.

Live Production - Team Lead // Chris

> Lead worship by displaying lyrics during worship
> Work with the rest of the production team to ensure timely transitions
> Keep venues synced up by programming and executing clocks
> Enhance the teaching by displaying visuals, notes, and take home points
> And more! This is a position that requires focus and attention to detail.

Sound & Lighting - Team Lead // Michael

> Sound check and Mix audio for speakers and worship team during practices and regular Sunday services.
> Maintain sound equipment. (Cables, audio speakers, microphones)
> Configure stage light scenes
> Attention to detail in sound production
> Check and replace batteries for wireless sound equipment.

Video - Team Lead // Caitlin

> Work to film, edit, produce videos for the church of different scales.
> The video team works closely with other ministries, the pastoral leadership, and the creative team

Social Media
- Team Lead // Janice

> Publishes, posts and shares Teaching clips, Monuments, Events & Announcements on social media platforms.