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Naomi and Ruth


Ruth 1

Today's bible story comes from the book of Ruth.  We are going to learn all about a girl named Ruth and her family.  God’s people were still having a very hard time listening to God. They were still choosing to do bad things and even worship other gods.  


There was a famine in the land that God had given His people.  A famine is when all the food in the land is GONE!!!  What would the people do? 


ASK: What would you do if all the food you ate was gone in your whole house?

Answer: You might go to the store and buy more…


BUT in our bible story there wasn’t a Walmart or a Publix or a special store for buying food...all they had was gardens and small farms and all the food was gone and all the animals had died.  There was no place in their land to get food...so...one man had a plan to save his family.  His name was Elimelek. And this is where our bible story begins in Ruth chapter 1.


Because there was no food in the land of Israel, a man named Elimelek took his family to live in another country named Moab where there was food to eat. Elimelek had a wife named Naomi and 2 sons. The whole family lived there for about 10 years and had plenty of food. While the family lived in Moab, Elimelek died. This left Naomi with no husband. 


ASK: How do you think Naomi felt? Sad and maybe scared.  The husband always took care of the family.  With no husband, how would their family have money? 


Remember...Naomi had two sons...they both got married, one married a woman named Orpah and the other married a woman named RUTH (Remember we’re gonna be learning lots about Ruth).  BUT...something bad happened to Naomi’s sons.  They both died leaving all 3 of the ladies with no husbands to take care of them.


ASK: How do you think they all felt?  Sad and maybe scared.  


Naomi, Orpah, and Ruth were all alone. Naomi wanted to go home to Judah. Judah had food now. Naomi told Orpah and Ruth to go back to their families, but the women were very sad to leave each other. Orpah decided to listen to Naomi and she went home, but Ruth would not leave Naomi. Ruth said, “Wherever you go, I will go, and wherever you live, I will live; your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.” 

Ruth loved Naomi and did not want her to be alone.  She left her own family in Moab and traveled with Naomi all the way back to Israel.


ASK: How do you think this made Naomi feel? Happy that the Lord would give her such a wonderful daughter to be with her.

Christ Connection: God did not leave Naomi alone. He gave her Ruth. God loves us so much that He gave us Jesus so we would never have to be alone.  Just like Ruth went with Naomi, Jesus goes with us wherever we go. He is always with us no matter what. 


Lesson Intro Activity
Frozen Food!

Supplies: None

Invite your family to spread out at least an arm’s length away from one another. Explain that you will name some different foods. If they like that food, they should jump up and down, until you say ‘Frozen Food’ and then they should freeze and listen for the next food. If it’s a food they don’t like, they need to stay frozen. If it’s a food they do like...they jump!  Continue play for several rounds.

SAY • In today’s Bible story, a man named Elimelek and his family had to move from the land they loved because there was no food to eat.  When a place has no food it is called a famine.  A famine is when all the food is GONE! Let’s see if they find food where they go and who they meet in this new land.


Lesson Video

Why did Naomi’s family have to move? (No food in their land)

What happened to Naomi’s husband and sons? (They died)

What did Naomi decide to do after her husband and sons died? (went back home)

Who went with her? (Ruth)


FUN ACTIVITY: Following Footprints
Supplies: Playdough, animal toys

Hand everyone a ball of playdough, and some fun animals that make foot prints.  Roll out the dough flat to almost make a road on the table that connects.  Use the animals to make tracks...one after the other on their own road that connects to the next person's road..so all the different animal tracks follow one another.  

SAY • God loved Naomi.  After her husband and sons died, she thought she would be all alone. God reminded her that she was not alone...she had Ruth! Ruth chose to stay with Naomi and travel back to her home. Did you know that we are never alone either?  God gave us His son Jesus.  Jesus is always with us.  We dont ever have to feel like we are all alone.


CREATE: A Meal or Snack
Supplies: Cooking ingredients

Make a meal or snack together as a family.  Talk about how difficult it must have been for Naomi's family to not have food. Talk about how difficult it must have been to leave their home.  

SAY • Spend some time being thankful as a family for the things God has blessed you with.  Although things are different and difficult and even a little scary, God is faithful.  Just like Ruth went with Naomi, God is with us wherever we go.


CAPTURE: MEMORY VERSE! 3 years thru Kinder: Month of August
RUTH 1:16b
“Where you go I will go (pretend to march and point to each other for YOU and point to YOURSELF for I), and where you stay I will stay (Again point to each other for YOU and YOURSELF for I...this time when you say STAY...hands on hips and stomp).  Your people will be my people (Circle hands above and around your head symbolizing all the people, then bring them in to cross your chest symbolizing ‘my people’), and your God my God (point outward then up symbolizing ‘your God’ and then point inward and up, symbolizing ‘my God’).

See You Next Week!