Connect Team

The Connect Team exists to make Awaken a welcoming and engaging environment for everyone from the time they walk into the doors to the time they leave.


Kim Hermanski

  • First point of contact for new people to the church
  • Stationed at doors to welcome people as the arrive to church
  • Help people find seats in the venue once service starts
  • Assist people with getting Connected to Awaken through teams, groups, and other opportunities.

Security Team

The Awaken Church security team exists to create a safe physical and spiritual environment for the family of God to worship Him in "Spirit and Truth," (John 4:23-24). They are a team set apart by God to watch over the gathering together of the Church to facilitate the primary purpose of the Church - to equip God's people to be followers of Jesus the Christ, the one true God.


Scott Willey

  • Create and maintain a safe environment for the gathering of the church.
  • Collect the tithe and close down the building at the end of services on a Sunday
  • Participate in team training and qualifications courses.
  • Be purposeful in prayer and spiritual vigilance (Ephesians 6:12)

Prayer Team

Prayer should be one of the highest priorities of a local church, second only to the teaching of the Word.


Jeremiah Sims

  • Meet Sunday mornings at 8:00am to pray for all ministries, teaching, and those attending on a Sunday
  • The prayer team also receives emails through out the week with the prayer requests of the church as sent in by email or social media, or word of mouth

Chat Moderating Team

The chat moderating team aims to connect online participants of our Sunday service to the body of Christ through various means.


Chris Poolas

  • Moderate the service across multiple platforms
  • Provide resources and next steps to online participants
  • Process requests for help and prayer
  • Maintain a loving and uplifting online environment.

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